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Big Almaty lake.

Excursion and photo tour to the Big Almaty Lake from the city of Almaty.

Sights of the Big Almaty Gorge.

Big Almaty lake in the Zailiyskiy Alatau, lake fed by glacial water, stretches for 1 km and a width of 500 m. The maximum temperature reaches 12.8 ° C. The lake is located at the end of a wide valley and is fed by water from the ancient glaciers of the valley. Here is the Sovetov Peak (4174 m), Ozerny Peak (4131 m).

Big Almaty Lake (BAO) - how to get there.

The Big Almaty Lake is located 28.5 km south of the city of Almaty in the valley of the Bolshaya Almatinka River at an altitude of 2497 m above sea level. The ascent to the gorge begins along Navoi Street, which smoothly turns into a mountain gorge. At the last stop of bus 28, keep to the left. To the right, the road leads to the Alma-Arasan gorge.

BAO - information for tourists.

The Big Almaty Lake of turquoise color is the most popular natural attraction of the Ile-Alatau Park and the Big Almaty Gorge. The lake is located at an altitude of 2527 meters above sea level, surrounded by high mountain glaciers. The lake is under the protection of the Ile-Alatau park, there is a border military outpost next to the lake, so when traveling here do not forget to take your identity documents.

In winter, the lake freezes over; an asphalt mountain road with steep serpentines and turns leads to the lake. Observe safety precautions on the road, cars moving up must be passed by cars that are moving down. On the way above the lake there are 2 space stations, GAISh Shtemberg station, and above there is another Cosmostation station. From the upper station begins a mountain trail to which it is possible to make a mountain hike to the Bolshoi Almatinsky peak (BAP). There is also a trekking route over the lake up the gorge.

Big Almaty Lake (BAO).