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Big Almaty lake (BAO)

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The Big Almaty Mountain Lake, a natural reservoir is located high in the mountains of the Trans-Ili Alatau at an altitude of 2500 meters above sea level. The lake is very beautiful, during the day the lake changes its color, depending on the lighting. The main color of the lake is turquoise, the water in the lake is not transparent, but crystal clear with soil impurities, which gives the lake and water a turquoise color. The mountain river Bolshaya Almatinka flows into the lake and flows out.

Big Almaty Lake – how to get there -

The Big Almaty Lake is located near the city of Almaty in its mountainous part at an altitude of 2497 meters above sea level in the mountains of the Trans-Ili Alatau and the mountain park, the Ile-Alatau Reserve. The distance from the city of Almaty to the lake is 15 kilometers. GPS coordinates of the Big Almaty Lake: 43.0506°N 76.9850°E

Big Almaty Lake – information for tourists -

The lake, fed by glacial water, has a length of 1 km and a width of 500 m, a coastline of 3 km, a depth of 30-40 m. The maximum temperature reaches 12.8 ° C. The lake is located at the end of a wide valley and is formed by the marginal deposits of an ancient valley glacier. Thanks to the cool weather, there are no flies or mosquitoes on the mountain slopes, disturbing people and animals. The climate is temperate continental, the summer is cool, there is a lot of rain. And in winter it's cold and the lake freezes. Juniper, Tien Shan spruce, and pine grow around the lake. The lake is surrounded by such mountain peaks as peak Soviets, peak Youth, peak Tourists and peak Lake. The lake is an important source of drinking water for the region. People can get to the lake by car (about 1 hour drive from the city center), bicycle or hiking (about noon hike).

Big Almaty Lake (BAO)


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