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Mount Belukha, Muztau - Kazakhstan Altai.

Climbing Mount Belukha.

Mountaineering climbing in the Katon-Karagay park.

Such rivers as the Katun (Republic of Altai) originate from Mount Belukha, and the other is the Irtysh River (East Kazakhstan region). UNESCO has included Gorny Altai in the list of protected natural areas in the world. There are two large glaciers in the region: one is Big Berel, with an area of 10.3 km, the other is Small Berel, with an area of 8.9 km. B.V. Tronov and M.V. Thrones first climbed Belukha in 1914.

Mount Belukha - how to get there.

Muztau is located in the Katon Karagai nature reserve on the border of Russia and Kazakhstan, Belukha-Katyn are located in the Muztau mountain range, the highest peak of the Altai Mountains, East Kazakhstan region.

Belukha mountain - information for tourists.

Several small glaciers are found in these mountains. Glaciers cover 27 kilometers of the mountain's surface area. Berel is the largest glacier among them. The altitude is -1950 m. On the first maps of Altai, there are inscriptions of the South Chuya Alps and the Katun Alps. These are the ancient names for this region. The slopes of the double summit are covered with eternal snow and ice.

Mount Belukha, Muztau


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